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"If we want to change something, we must be deeply convinced of

the urgency of the matter."  

Dalai Lama

Lectures and workshops

The more you know, the less you have to believe! I provide you with the knowledge you need to decide for yourself what is right for you. There is no one-fits-all solution because we are all unique. My lectures and seminars are a mix of new approaches and ancient knowledge – entertaining and without any dogmas.

My health approach is both holistic and individual - everything is connected, yet we are all different. Life is change, so that one form of nutrition or exercise that suits us today may look very different in ten years´ time and may not be the right thing for our partner or neighbor either.

One person’s food can be another person’s poison.

It’s all about balance!

In my lectures and seminars I combine my passion and experience as a presenter with my extensive knowledge of holistic health.


As the topic of health and lifestyle is almost inexhaustible and science is presenting new facts every day, I am constantly learning more in this area. I would be happy to adapt my topics to your individual needs.


Below you can find some of the topics currently addressed in my lectures and workshops:


“Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food”  – Navigating through the jungle of dietary trends


Vegan, paleo, low carb, low fat - the list of nutritional trends is endless. We constantly hear what we should not eat, often accompanied by scary health information or ominous advertising promises for various miracle drugs. Eating has become complicated these days. Meanwhile we rely on the advice of experts when it comes to our diet, but that leads to even more confusion. Should we be worried about fats or carbohydrates? Is gluten good or bad? Should I take sugar or rather artificial sweetener? Do animal products make me strong or sick?

There is no other science as controversial as that of nutrition, and everything reliable that we have learned about nutrition and health over the years can be swept away by the very latest study at the next moment. No wonder we are confused! And yet we are the only mammal that needs expert advice on our food. The trend towards breaking down food into its individual ingredients has moved us far away from our origins and intuition. This not only leads to confusion, but also to the fact that we are not enjoying our food anymore!

In this lecture we consider common dietary trends with all their pros and cons. You’ll learn why a particular type of diet can´t suit all people alike. We’ll go back to our roots and consider traditional nutritional wisdom. You will find easy-to-implement tips that not only serve as an orientation in the jungle of ingredients lists and advertising promises, but also bring back the joy of food.

„Balance Your Life“ - What really nourishes you off the plate


Our body is a miracle - an intelligent bio-computer that does not make mistakes. Everything is connected and our nutrition plays a crucial role. Why do we still get sick?

Have you ever wondered why there are people who grow old in perfect health in a seemingly inexplicable way, even though they obviously do not eat well, while others pay attention to their health throughout their lives and still die early?

Apart from what we eat every day, there are apparently other components that contribute to our health. We call it primary food. Primary food includes for example our relationships, our career, exercise, spirituality and a few other aspects that we will explore in detail in this lecture. You will find out what your personal primary food looks like, what food cravings are all about and what you can do to change unhealthy eating habits and make yourself feel better.

Because in the end, we are not just what we eat, but also what we think, feel and do.

"Getting the body you want" - The secret of a healthy metabolism


Have you already tried various diets without success? Do you know the calories of most foods by heart? Are you exercising regularly, but your weight does not change?

You probably wonder why some people can eat from morning to night without gaining a gram, while others just have to think about food to gain weight. Why do people who are meticulously counting calories and exercising excessively still become fat while others who are not that active keep their figure or even lose weight? Is it perhaps the genes, the wrong diet, the discipline or what is the reason behind it?

In this lecture we take a look at various diet myths and the secret of a well-functioning metabolism. You'll learn why dieting and calorie counting cannot work and what you need to change to stay slim, fit and healthy in the long term.

"“Beauty from within” – how to glow from the inside out

Image by Gabriel Silvério

Botox, Scalpell, pills - the beauty industry is booming more than ever before, pushed by social media and advertising flooding us with pictures of a fictional ideal of beauty. Everyone wants to look beautiful, but what does beauty really mean? And how can we influence it through nutrition and lifestyle? What might our body actually want to tell us when it shows pimples and wrinkles?

Our body is an intelligent bio-computer and a barometer for our health. But as he has no voice he has to express in a different way if  he likes our decisions regarding food and lifestyle or not. In other words - while we are annoyed about supposed flaws or trying to cover them up, our body may actually want to tell us through the pimple, the wrinkle or the hair loss that he is lacking certain nutrients or that he is unhappy with our decisions regarding sleep, stress, movement or certain beliefs. 

In this lecture you’ll discover the secrets of inner beauty and what you can do on a regular basis to let your special beauty shine – without risks, side effects or extra costs!

"The secret of longevity" - How to become 100 years old and stay healthy

emotional-50309 Kopie.jpg

Average life expectancy has more than doubled over the last two centuries thanks to medical progress, but it is also associated with cardiovascular diseases,  musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, Alzheimer's and co. The prospect of becoming very old may not seem very desirable to many people because they associate the process of aging with illness and long-term care. And yet most of us work hard for our long-awaited retirement throughout our lives. What are we doing wrong?

There are regions in this world where people are, on average, not only becoming much older, but also enjoying good health until the very end. Dan Büttner has teamed up with National Geographic to explore five of these so-called Blue Zones®. They are located all around the world - on Sardinia in Italy, on the Greek island of Ikaria, on the Japanese island of Okinawa, on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica and in the Loma Linda region of California. Although geographically distributed around the world, they have found similarities in the diet and lifestyle of the people in these various Blue Zones®.

What are the people doing differently in the Blue Zones® to live a long and healthy life? Is it the diet, movement, good air, or is there another secret to longevity? How can we transfer a similar way of life to our Western world so that we can also benefit from a long and healthy life?

In this lecture, we’ll look at the secrets of the Blue Zones® and learn what we can do personally to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy into old age.

Please find all my upcoming events in the News section. For special inquiries regarding lectures and seminars please don't hesitate to contact me!

Have you already tried various diets and the yo-yo effect is your constant companion? Do you often feel tired and not really in top form? Do you have sleeping disorders? Don’t you know how to implement healthy eating habits for yourself and your children? Or are you very disciplined with your diet and your exercise, just your weight will not change?

If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, my coaching could be right for you.
It is rarely a lack of knowledge that prevents us from putting something into action. It’s rather habits, feelings or biochemical causes. And most of the time it's not only about diet and our body – they just keep us awake. It's about a much larger context. Once we understand that, our attitudes towards food and our bodies can change profoundly, as well as our health and those of our beloved ones.

Individual coaching


In a detailed initial meeting we get to know each other and discuss, among other things, which goals you would like to work on in order to select the right coaching plan for you. Because coaching is a very individual matter, and in order for you to benefit 100% from it, we first have to get to know each other and clearly define your goals.

Depending on the issue, sometimes one or two sessions can be enough, but to experience lasting improvements in your health and lifestyle, we usually take 3-6 months. You will not receive any ready-made nutrition lists with rules and restrictions from me. Instead, I work with you on small, easy-to-implement steps, tailored to your unique life situation. You learn to listen to yourself again instead of some general advice. We will talk about things that go beyond food and thereby bring important areas of your life back into balance. Because if individual areas of your life are imbalanced, this can be reflected in your eating habits. During our time together you always set the pace and decide how deep we dive into individual topics. 

I will accompany and support you on your way, motivate you, celebrate your successes and, if necessary, give you the literal kick in the ass. But the key to success is your commitment.

The coaching sessions take place at predetermined times and each last 1 hour.

Group coaching


Do you have any friends, relatives or acquaintances who feel similar about their health and nutrition? Do you feel sheltered in the atmosphere of a closed group or are you looking for a more affordable alternative to individual coaching?

Whether it's about weight loss, stress management or becoming a mistress of everyday life while eating healthily and exercising on a regular basis - together we are stronger. We can support and motivate each other and learn from everyone in the group. Depending on your interests, I offer closed group coaching for 4-6 people.


You are already a group and looking for the right coach? Then send me your request for more information under

If you are ready to take the first step on your path to a happier and fulfilling life, then email me at

The coaching sessions take place twice a month on a fixed date, each lasting one hour. Depending on your place of residence, they can be carried out in person or via telephone or internet.


"Yoga is a timeless, pragmatic science that has evolved over

thousands of years. It’s about the physical, moral, mental and spiritual

well-being of the human being."

B.K.S. Iyengar


Yoga is a way of life - the way you breathe, see, think, feel and act. For me, yoga is not about getting as flexible as the old yogis, but more about learning to be aware of yourself and walking mindfully through life.

Yoga classes


I’m trained in Anusara Yoga, a movement that takes advantage of the ancient wisdom of Indian yogis, as well as of the latest scientific achievements. Which is why this yoga form is wonderfully suitable for people of today who suffer from ailments such as tension, back pain, sleeping disorders and other so-called lifestyle diseases. The various postures (asanas) are perfect for counterbalancing a lack of or limited movement in the workplace.

The basis of Anusara Yoga is correct alignment according to bio-mechanical principles, which makes it easy for everyone to follow. In the long term, it also helps you to correct or reduce movement disorders and prevent injuries. Anusara means "flow with grace". Get into the flow by carefully moving your body through various postures, paying attention to your breathing and switching off the hectic of everyday life. If you are interested in a private yoga class or if you would like to practice in a group, please send me an email at

Yoga and movement workshop


Each person is unique. We are all born with different motor skills which we expand or lose during our lifetime. Due to the comfortable lifestyle of the 21st century, we have forgotten how to fully use our physical abilities. As a result, movement restrictions and injuries are very common these days. Yoga offers us a wonderful opportunity to assess and train movement skills for everyday life.

In my workshop, you will learn to assess and correct common movement patterns and poor posture. With exercises to improve motor control, strength and flexibility you will then be able to optimize your movements in everyday life in order to avoid poor posture and prevent injuries.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn and understand what the body is designed for and how to move in an optimal way. You don’t need any yoga knowledge or practice to participate.

Individual movement coaching


Whether you already have yoga experience or are practicing yoga for the first time - during this intensive personal coaching you will learn which movement sequences can be optimized for you personally in your present and unique life situation in order to avoid pain and prevent injuries.

In addition to movement tips for everyday life, I show you individually tailored, easy-to-implement exercises for more strength and flexibility which you can apply regularly at home to avoid movement restrictions and pain.

Please find all my upcoming events in the News section.

For personal inquiries, please send me an email at

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