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In other words, if you keep doing what you already can, you’ll stay the person you already are. It is the spirit of change that makes life worth living.

Even though it might just be a few unwanted pounds you´re trying to get rid of, there is often more to it. We cannot separate different areas of life - everything is connected. Like an equalizer - turning just one knob without adjusting the others will cause the sound to become unbalanced. To get an optimal sound you have to operate all the control levels evenly. Translated into life, this means finding a healthy balance between your diet and various lifestyle factors, such as relationships, career, exercise and spirituality.

You know it already - there is no such thing as a one-fits-all diet or a one-fits-all lifestyle. We are bio-individuals, and therefore one person’s food can be another person’s poison. Just because the neighbor has lost 10kg with the newest fashion diet, it does not mean that it will work for you or another person in the same way.

That’s why I am neither an advocate of any particular diet, nor will I tell you how to live your life. How could I? I don´t know you (yet)! You are the only person who knows best what is good for you. Unfortunately, over time, we have forgotten how to listen to our instincts. Instead we have developed certain beliefs, such as "When you grow old, you become sick and frail," "It’s the genes," "If you want to lose weight you have to count calories" etc.
I want to help you to let go of such beliefs and find out for yourself what's right for you personally.

Our body is a miracle - an intelligent bio-computer that doesn’t make mistakes. Why do we still get sick, even though we eat healthily? Everything is connected and the body sends us signals when something is out of balance. In addition to what we eat, there are other factors which contribute to our health and are deeply nourishing for us off the plate. We call them primary food, because they are so essential, while what you are eating becomes secondary food.

We can see that in children very naturally. If their basic needs are not fulfilled, for example if they are bored or tired or cannot move enough, they start crying or craving for food. However, if they are immersed in a game, all their needs are fulfilled and they are in the flow, which they will hardly interrupt for a meal. Similarly, when we're in love, doing sports or are involved in a thrilling project, we are nourished on a deeper level. Actual food becomes irrelevant. But if we are lacking primary food, like for example when we are lonely or have stress at work or in our relationship, we can eat all the broccoli in the world - yet we cannot thrive. Needless to say that we don´t usually make a grab for vegetables in such moments.

It’s not just the food we eat that affects our health, but all the other factors influencing our daily lives. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity and spiritual awareness are essential forms of nourishment. When these primary foods are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary.

Because you are not only what you eat, but also what you think, feel and do.

Why else are there some people who grow old in seemingly inexplicable good health, even though they are obviously not eating healthy food, while others pay attention to their diet throughout their lives and still get sick or die early?

And that is different for everyone, which is why there is no one-fits-all solution. Everyone is unique, as are their diets and lifestyle, depending on factors such as gender, age, origin, place of residence, cultural background and many more.

The more you know, the less you have to believe or rely on what's going on in the media. I provide you with the knowledge you need and we’ll find out together how to adjust all the control levels on your equalizer in an optimal way. Become a specialist in your own life! No one knows you as well as you do.

In addition to my lectures and seminars, I also offer individual coaching to support you in achieving all your goals, from eating the right foods for your body to living an inspired, fulfilling life. Coaching sessions are held with ease and fun, without dogmas or prescribed diets, and the results will be long-term and sustainable.

Work with me, never diet again and feel better than ever!

It's all about balance in life. Only when body, mind and soul are in harmony do we feel good and can develop our full potential


"Life is like riding a bicycle - you have to move forward to keep your balance."

Albert Einstein
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