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Ulrike's lectures and suggestions have positively changed our lives. We have changed our diet and are very happy with it.

Patrick and Christian

After endless frustrations because no one diet had worked for me, I finally found out the real causes behind my weight problems. It was so good to have Ulrike at my side who was always supporting me without any judgement. Thank you!

Extensive knowledge presented in an entertaining way – that’s what Edutainment is to me.

If someone would have told me before how much a coaching can change your life – I wouldn’t have believed it. Actually I’ve started working with Ulrike because I was dealing with small health issues here and there and was not totally satisfied with my life.
Today, after the coaching, I’m much more mindful with myself and altogether happier and healthier. By the way I’ve also lost 3kg!

Finally I can enjoy my food again instead of constantly making excuses when there was a party for example. For me a dream has come true. I am so grateful!

There is so much on this subject in the market, but it was either at some point to complicated for me or not really suitable for my situation. Nevertheless, I wanted to change something. I am so thankful to Ulrike - she has put me on the right track. In her very insightful seminars I’ve understood so much for the first time. Adapted to my own rhythm of life I could already achieve a lot. It's not just the lost pounds that make me happy, but my whole attitude has changed. And it’s really not difficult to implement!

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