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Authenticity, charm, humor and spontaneity – these are the qualities that Ulrike Homuth combines in her presentations. No matter whether she presents a live event, a stage program or a TV show - with her many years of experience, she leads every event confidently and professionally and inspires the audience with her many facets.

Ulrike Homuth has been on stage for over 20 years. As a professional dancer in various show ballet companies, she initially conquered the literal "boards that mean the world" without many words. In addition to her artistic activities, the native Berliner followed her passion for languages and completed a training as a certified foreign language correspondent after graduating from high school.

During her subsequent studies in social and business communication at the University of the Arts in Berlin, she started to organize and present live events herself. Ulrike demonstrated her talent for combining work on stage and behind the scenes for years at the German cruise company “AIDA Cruises”. As Entertainment Manager, she was not only the main host and responsible for everything regarding guest entertainment, but also presented various stage- and TV shows on board. This is where her particular strengths came into play: spontaneity and interaction with the audience.

Today Ulrike passionately presents a wide variety of events. The stage is hers - she loves highlighting the specifics of each topic while entertaining the audience and providing a safe space for the artists on stage.


For further information and bookings, please send an email with your request and your contact using the following link.

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