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Food for thought at the end of the year

The year is coming to an end. Many people look back and wonder, what did it bring for me? What was good, what would I like to keep, what would I like to do better in the coming year and what did I not like at all and therefore should not be taken with me into the new year? And to make sure that these unwanted things really stay in the "old" year, there is a tradition in Germany of banging them away. I don't want to judge this tradition, but I wonder - how do the firecrackers know what was good and what wasn't? And how does the universe know that a new year has begun on paper and therefore everything now has to be different from the first of January on?

Let's face it - time is an illusion that only exists in our minds. The past is already gone and the future is a blank canvas. The only thing that is real is the present moment, which will be over in the next second. Many diseases arise because we judge ourselves for things we have done in the past or because we worry about a future that has not even happened yet. But all this is just a product of our thoughts.

Everything, and I mean really everything that happened in the past has made us who we are today. All of the decisions we made in the past were made based on the awareness we had at the time. In retrospect, of course, it's easy to judge this because we've usually evolved and expanded our consciousness. But at the time we couldn't have decided otherwise because we weren't even aware of it. Just as we wouldn't judge ourselves for not being able to swim when we were two years old, we shouldn't judge ourselves for making certain decisions in the past that now seem to be clearly wrong to us.

Only when we accept and integrate all the decisions of our past can we make our peace with things as they are. Because everything you find in your life today - from your state of health to the number on your bank account - is the product of all the decisions you have made in the past. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could be different to what it is right now.

The future is also a product of our thoughts. Of course, it can help to look to a future full of good resolutions, in which hopefully many things will improve. And it is also an advantage if you know exactly what you want so that you can then put your plans into action. Ultimately, however, the future is a blank canvas. No one can say for sure what is going to happen tomorrow. We all have an idea, but no one can really be sure. The pandemic has shown how unexpected events throw us off track. What I want to express is: shape your life, plan beautiful events and do everything to implement things according to your wishes and ideas. But be aware that life can get in the way. If you can then accept that things are the way they are and not how you want them to be, and still walk your path full of confidence instead of giving up and seeing yourself as a victim of life, then you are you free. This gives you the strength to put your ideas into practice.

"What if we were all beneficiaries of life instead of life just happening to us?

Life will always present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you can still learn and grow. Accept these gifts instead of resisting them.

Become the designer of your life and see every day as a new opportunity to do exactly what you want to do. Enjoy what you already have instead of being upset about what you don't have. Let the past settle in your mind. Stop telling yourself stories. Just because, from your point of view, it has always been "like that" in the past doesn’t mean that it will continue like this forever.

Imagine if suddenly you were not able to remember your past any more – what would become available for you? For example, there were no more chronic diseases - all you would feel would be an acute symptom somewhere in your body. You would meet everyone with openness and curiosity - like a stranger on a train - without carrying around the burden of the past or resentment. You would go from searching to exploring - like a child who discovers life full of curiosity and without the burden of memories from the past. You would bravely go for your goals without the fear of rejection that only exists in your mind because of a past experience. No limiting belief would hold you back from turning your dreams into reality. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Everything that prevents you from living your dream life starts in your head based on a story you have created in your past. It's not the truth, it's just a story you keep telling yourself.

It is in your hands to shape every moment of your life. New Year's Day or not - you are the creator of your life and life is always the way you see it because of your perspective based on your experiences in the past. Change the way you look at life and your life will change. The things you put your energy and attention to become bigger - so focus on love, respect and abundance instead of lack or things that scare you.

I truly believe that every little decision made out of love makes the world a little better. And if more and more people believe in it, then together we can change the world.

Always remember: life loves you and you are more powerful than you think you are!

Happy New Year!

Much love,



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